we share the same skies
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jade connolly | 15.12.94 | england

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my heart melts for animals only

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I just want it to be Saturday so I can have fun and drink alcohol with a lovely person who makes me happy

so that’s that…
there ain’t nothing I can do or say.
well it’s a long way back,
so I guess I’ll be on my way.
am I three words too late,
and is goodbye to me and us?
whilst I love you and leave you,
you just leave me to love…
you just love me to us.

I just need a cuddle so bad

I have so much to look forward to at the moment but I just can’t think about it right now.. I’m supposed to be happy. I deserve to be happy. Why does this keep happening to me!?

Today, after slowly coming to terms with the loss of someone I loved uncontrollably, two of my cousins were run over by a 23 year old. Jess was killed instantly and Sandy was left on life support, but yet again too familiar to me, we’ve been told there’s no chance of her surviving. 

I’m feeling completely numb to it all at the moment. I think I’m in shock. I don’t think it has hit me quite yet what has happened. 

Hearing my brother sound so weak, trying to be strong really hurt me. He’s the one that has and will always be the one who keeps my feet on the ground as much as possible.

Three people in 4 months…

Surely I can’t loose anyone else!? 

"Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace? Yes. Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive; inner peace does not." by Eckhart Tolle (via thecalminside)

I should probably try to sleep..
It’s crazy… looking through my old posts, back in 2011, the first time round, I promised myself I’d never cry over you again…. I can’t even count how many times I’ve broke that promise.